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Corporate Identity Solutions, Corporate Website, Corporate Portal Corporate identity is a company's visual presence, which involves the corporate logo and design strategy forcorporate marketing collateral. Corporate identity does not encapsulate brand identity, which is best defined as the soul of your company. However, a corporate identity may, and often does, reflect a brand identity. But some ad agencies, marketing companies and graphic design agencies would have you believe that brand identity is the same thing as corporate identity and that changing a logo or design strategy will change the brand identity.

Both corporate and brand identity is vital for the businesses as it helps the target market to remember and relate it with their needs and requirements. Corporate identity plays a major role in promoting a company on a large scale.

Every organization has its own unique logo design so as to make their distinctive image among the existing and potential customers. Whereas, brand identity portrays the company’s value, objectives and other essential aspects that leaves an ever-lasting positive impact on the reputation of the business. We at iNoxh Technologies help Corporates make their online presence by designing website for the organiztion.

Therefore, an organization must give more importance while creating designs for both the identities so as to able to attract more customers to do business with ease. Moreover, it will help in making your company more popular among potential customers as these designs affect the buying decision of the customers.

At iNoxh we offer Corporates Website solutions in form of

Static Websites
These websites are ideal for small & medium sized companies which does not require frequent or urgent changes on their websites.

Dynamic Websites
These websites are ideal for companies offering products or services that may change with time. On dynamic websites the information can be easily updated by the site administrator without any technical expertise. These are also called database driven websites.