Custom Product Development, Software Product Development Outsourcing

Custom Product Development

Custom Product DevelopmentSome clients require Custom Product Development for in-house work. Like PAY Roll, Bill Genration, Complex Calculations report genrations. iNoxh Technologies will provide a mechanism by which users can submit requests for enhancements to their standard software.

In planning new functions and features iNoxh Technologies will always consider the impact on existing customers and endeavor to provide them with the opportunity to adopt a new version with as little disruption as possible.

iNoxh Technologies will review new legislation that may impact the customer's use of the software and where appropriate, pro-actively seek to make available upgrades or new versions to address new legislative demands.

Where software purchased from iNoxh Technologies is reaching the end of its life-cycle, iNoxh Technologies will always seek to provide at least 12 months notice of product withdrawal. Where possible, iNoxh Technologies will always seek to provide the user with a viable upgrade path to a current product at a preferential commercial rate.

Software Support

iNoxh Technologies will make available, either directly or indirectly, a range of support services for its users to subscribe to.
iNoxh Technologies will ensure that its prices for ongoing support or licence fees do not discriminate against an existing customer when compared to a customer making an initial software purchase.